Yup, just as I cleared some space in the paint shack, it’s inexplicably full again. When I say ‘inexplicably’ I’m lying of course; there’s a perfectly plain explanation, I filled it up.

Today was a day of clearing some big items. A lovely big space created to move around in. I often use a courier to deliver, but a big oak dining set was just too heavy to send with my trusty, regular courier, who works alone. The dining set was a 2 or 3 person lift, so hubby and I went off to deliver it today. I somehow came home with a nice Frenchy sideboard and dining table? Yup, I just can’t resist it. We were carrying the dining table into the dining area, when the customer said she planned on getting rid of her sideboard at auction. Hubby looked my way and said “I bet you’d like to get your mits on that wouldn’t you?”. He knows me well! And it would have been rude to leave the customer’s old dining table all on its lonesome, so that came along for the ride too.

I’ve more furniture than you can shake a stick at, but can’t seem to find a pair of matching socks, or a pair of jeans without paint splashes or holes. I guess the theory is, I’m nothing but a furniture trollope.

My lovely horse, Jasper, seems a nice bit better. I do hope he’s on the mend. He’s a bit of a bed monster and loves to have a good old kip at night, but he’s been too uncomfortable to lie down for the past week. Instead, he has stood in a corner, covered in sweat, obviously in some pain and exhausted. It was lovely to see him covered in his bedding this morning; it was even all over his back, so at some point I guess he’d been upside down, probably snoring his head off. On the walk to the paddock this morning, he squealed and jumped like a silly school girl when a car crept sensibly past us, so I guess he was feeling pretty good about life!

Quite where I start with all the painting I’ve got lined up remains a mystery… Progress pics to follow.