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The latest dresser that’s being painted has something missing. There’s no glitter in the drawers? How peculiar? I’ve gotten used to wiping out and wiping out and wiping out the drawers, in a futile attempt to remove the glitter. I think it hides in the crevices and jumps right back out once my back is turned. It’s not all glitter of course, sometimes I find those little metallic stars too. They just love a damp cloth and stick to the drawer base once wet and refuse point blank to budge.

I have a friend who used to paint furniture. She must have been lucky, because she used to find money stashed away in the furniture she purchased. I’ve never so much as found a penny! Until a couple of days ago. I discovered a false ‘ceiling’ to a piece of furniture when I was wiping it down. The thin piece of wood dislodged and out fell a few old postcards. I peered up to see a fat envelope hanging down. Inside the envelope was a bank savings book. I rang the auction house today and have left it with them to contact the solicitors or relatives of the lady whose bank book I found. I don’t much like finding personal things in the furniture I buy – it’s a little too poignant.

Today has been a chair painting day:

Chair after one coat of Autentico Vintage ‘Almond’.

I decided to ring the changes and went for Autentico Vintage ‘Almond’ on one of the latest chairs. The colour is a very soft beige/cream, a little darker than in the pics. The picture above is after one coat and the picture below after two:

After 2 coats of Autentico Vintage ‘Almond’

I’ve a bit of waxing to do before calling it a day and might slip up to my parents to see how hubby is getting along with a dresser that’s being painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Linen’. The colour looked lovely in the pot, so I’m hoping it will suit the dresser well.

Tomorrow I will have to glue the upholstery trim to the 2 chairs painted today. More *ouch* on the cards for me, the hot glue certainly keeps me alert!