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The Autentico Vintage ‘Linen’ dresser was finished today. Here it is with the base doors being hung back in place:

cupboard doors going back on

Here’s hubby putting the top cabinet doors back:

hubby busy putting the little glass cabinet doors back on

The base unit cupboard doors were originally flat brushed all the way across the top, but it didn’t look right. I reduced the flat brushing to the floral details in the corners, which gave the carving a bit more definition:

Carved detail highlighted with Autentico Vintage ‘Ivory’

And here it is all back together again (the paintwork shade isn’t true in this photo; the bright sunshine distorted the colour):

Dresser painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Linen’ & ‘Ivory’

With heavy rain given out for tomorrow, I wanted to grab the dresser pictures whilst the weather was dry.

If the weather holds out a bit tomorrow it will be dining chair painting; if it doesn’t I’ll make a start on the bureau.