I was quite busy yesterday evening and dropped my ‘chair guard’. Hubby had gotten the dining chairs out of the paint shack and proceeded to give them their second coats. I sighed, but he looked to be getting on with the painting, so I left him to it. Two of the six chairs I’d already finished, so there were four chairs requiring the second coat of Annie Sloan ‘Duck Egg Blue’.

I went over to hubby just after he’d started the third chair. I quickly glanced at the two already done and saw a sea of chalk balls and lumps. “Not going on very well is it?” said I. “NOPE” replied husband and carried on painting (very quickly, with annoyance and a sheer abundance of paint). “Look just leave them” said I. Hubby ignored me and carried on, going even quicker. I picked up the sand paper and started sanding down the chairs that had already been painted. Eventually I decided that the lesser of two evils was to take a sterner approach (the first of the 2 evils was to cram the paintbrush up one of hubby’s orifices (I’ll leave you to guess which one; this is a family blog!)). “Look, I’m bloody sanding down what you’ve just painted, so it’s completely pointless carrying on“. Hubby humphed and stormed off muttering.

I’d had to sand lots of chalk paint and the dusty breeze must have wafted hubby’s way. On the way down to the paddock to fetch Jasper, I noticed hubby’s nose and cheeks were entirely Duck Egg Blue! The colour didn’t suit him:-) I had to concentrate very hard on other things to stop myself laughing. I think that would have started World War III. The topic of chalk paint was avoided all evening.

It says on the paint tin that ‘boys can use it too’. Not in this house it seems:-)

It took me more time to sand down those chairs than it did for hubby to paint them, and today I had to go back to scratch and start again with the painting. But first I got hubby out the way and sent him up to my parents to re-upholster a couple of occasional chairs.

Oh well, they’re done now, so just need waxing tomorrow:

I went to an auction viewing this morning and will be off buying tomorrow afternoon. Although I’ve a fair amount of furniture already in stock, I do get through more this time of year, when the nights are lighter and the weather is (usually!) mild.

I’d planned on making a start to the bureau today, but hubby appeared with a freshly upholstered chair, so I made a start on the painting of that instead. Nice weather for chairs!