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I have a lovely dressing table lined up for refurb. It’s quite different to the dressing tables I’ve painted so far. This one has pale walnut veneers, that look too good to paint in places. I was half tempted to do a little work on the veneers and sell it unpainted, but having had another quick look at it this evening, I think it does need a little bit of painting to add contrast. I can’t resist opening and closing the drawers each time I go near the dressing table; they fit so beautifully and just slide so effortlessly. The craftmanship that went into that piece all those years ago has stood the test of time.

walnut dressing table

The bureau has had a little work done to it – just a tidy up and a thorough clean prior to painting. I removed loose veneer from the back. The handles have also been removed; they are a little rusty. I’m not sure whether to clean them up with steel wool and leave them ‘as is’, or whether to paint them black to add a little oomph to their rustic twisted metalwork. They will be darkish grey when cleaned up and might just sink into the background a little with the grey/antique white paintwork I have planned.

I waxed an occasional chair this morning, then added the heart shaped trim to the chair’s upholstery:

Heart shaped trim on toile covered chair

 The chair was upholstered by my hubby and dad (whom, by the way has discovered my blog and gave me a bollocking for certain blog posts where he has been er… mentioned!). It seems that one is never too old to be told off by a parent; I feel 14 again; if only I looked it:-)

Occasional chair painted Autentico Vintage ‘Almond’

The 6 dining chairs were waxed this afternoon, along with the refectory base to the matching dining table. It’s usual for me to start off a dining set refurb with the sanding of the dining table top, but due to the weather it hasn’t been touched yet. All being well, by tomorrow evening it will be sanded and waxed and then it’s just a matter of putting everything back together again and grabbing some photographs. I always breathe a sigh of relief when a large dining set is finished; they do take it out of me and I find the chairs hard going.

I’m off to an auction viewing tomorrow. I usually have certain items in mind, but seeing as I’m running a bit short on most things, I’ll be looking for anything that takes my fancy. With some decent weather predicted, I’ll be making up for lost time next week and hope to get a fair few items refurbished. Famous last words!