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Of all the items I’ve painted, not one has been a bedroom armoire (although I have painted a kitchen armoire). I’ve hunted for them, but they are either too expensive or too dilapidated. I was after 2 of them today and came away from the auction with 1 of them. I’m a happy bunny.

It’s only a small one, but is very pretty:

An armoire

There’s a little bit of repair work to do before the painting, but nothing too onerous (hopefully!).

It’s in the middle of the paint shack, so I’ll have to paint it in the near future as it’s blocking other items at the back.

The bureau was finished and photographed this afternoon:

Carved oak bureau painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Soft Grey’ with ‘Ivory’ dry brushing

The paint is Autentico Vintage ‘Soft Grey’ & ‘Ivory’:

Carved detail to bureau

And I’ve just started painting the walnut dressing table, which can just be seen at the side of the armoire in the first pic. You can also just about see the stack of drawers just behind the armoire, which have been washed out and labelled, so that they go back in the correct order. I found a tiny makers plaque in one of the drawers, which were lined with very old, but immaculate wallpaper. Someone has treasured this little dressing table.

The walnut veneers on the drawers are so pretty, I’m not going to paint over them; my role is to improve furniture, not strip it of all its character. I’ve always wanted a dressing table and seem to be developing a soft spot for this one. It will go up for sale, but I might keep it if it doesn’t sell (just don’t tell my hubby, who is still patiently waiting for a tv stand to replace our old one, which has a huge split in the front of it)!