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Today was going to be a day off for hubby and I, but by mid-afternoon hubby was bored, so decided to work on a sideboard he prepped yesterday. Here it is in the raw:

The sideboard has a back plinth, but it doesn’t look quite right somehow:

I think the sideboard looks better without the plinth (which I think is a later addition). I’d appreciate your opinions. What do you think; with or without?

I went to see my parents for a couple of hours and then felt guilty because hubby was working and I wasn’t, so came home and started work on a vintage trunk that I bought at auction yesterday. It was just going to be a simple clean up, but hubby said he didn’t like the colour of the trunk, so I decided to paint it. It was navy blue, now it’s dove grey and I must admit, my hubby’s advice was right because it does look much nicer in pale grey.

The trunk was a last minute bid at the auction. It was stashed away on top of the armoire that I bought; I assume it was a late entry and had been popped up on top of the armoire because there wasn’t anywhere else for it to be displayed. I enjoy working on vintage trunks, they are a bit of a change to furniture.

Tomorrow I’ll resume work on the dressing table and will finish off the trunk. I’ve also got a telephone seat pad to re-cover at some point, but it takes me ages because I still don’t have a sewing machine, so I tend to leave all the hand sewing until it can’t be left any longer!

There are some really nice items lined up for refurb this week: the dressing table I have a soft spot for, the above sideboard, a small set of retro drawers, a couple of writing bureaux, the finishing touches to a telephone table/seat and if there’s time, an antique dining table with Queen Anne legs. Oh and the armoire. Looks like a busy week ahead, weather permitting.