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This morning, I put the carefully labeled drawers back in the dressing table. The paintwork (Annie Sloan ‘Country Grey’) was waxed yesterday evening, so today’s task was to do a little work on the walnut veneers. I’ve added a little bit of stain here and there to help conceal small white scratches and have given the veneers a gentle clean with a barely damp cloth. Finally I gave them a wipe over with just a touch of linseed to revive some bits that were looking a little dry and tired:

walnut dressing table

If the weather holds out, the dressing table mirror will go back on this afternoon and it will be photographed in readiness for sale.

The mahogany sideboard has been painted grey and is just about to be waxed. I may add a simple design to the door panels, which have been painted white.

If there’s time, I might just get some work done on a small set of drawers that I bought at auction last weekend. They aren’t my usual kind of thing at all, but I liked the look of them and thought I’d be able to improve them with a little work.

Wednesday Evening

Well, the dressing table was finished and photographed; here it is:

Antique walnut dressing table

We had to lift the dressing table inside the paint shack once it had been photographed and with the mirror re-attached it was mighty heavy!

And the sideboard was done and dusted too; it’s painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Soft Grey’:

Antique mahogany sideboard

I added a simple fleur-de-lys design to the cupboard panels, just to add to the French flavour of the piece:

Fleur-de-Lys design on panel

I didn’t get any work done to the drawers, but did manage to wax a chair, with a little help from Jasper. I’d brought him in from the paddock and he was wandering around the garden as I was waxing. He decided that he wanted his bum scratching, so reversed up to me whilst I was concentrating on waxing, knocking everything flying in the process (he has no wing mirrors:-)). Hubby found it all highly amusing. I was informed by my neighbours, that whilst I was waxing the dressing table yesterday evening, Jasper ‘pruned’ their climbing rose. I didn’t mention that I’d also spotted him raiding their bird table, which he can just about reach if he stretches and leans over the fence. Oops!

Tomorrow I’ll start work on a bureau, the little drawers and will hopefully also make a start on the armoire.