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I’ve started work on a small set of Lebus drawers. I’ve bought Lebus furniture previously and like the style of it. I very seldom buy furniture that’s already painted, but quite liked the look of these:

Lebus drawers

The paintwork is in reasonably good condition; there’s no flaking, but the colour’s too bright for the whole piece and the top is also marked. I thought that small doses of the blue paint, rubbed through a more subtle shade, would look pretty, so following a sand and thorough wash, I’ve painted the drawers in Annie Sloan ‘Rococo’. Here they are drying off after the second coat:

Lebus drawers

My next task is to distress the bits where I want the original blue to show through. I might get that done later this evening, so that I can crack on with the waxing first thing tomorrow.

I waxed a chair earlier and grabbed the photos in between light rain showers:

Chair painted Annie Sloan ‘Antoinette’ with toile upholstery.

My hubby did the upholstery and the first coat of paint. He was putting the plastic over the toile fabric, to protect it before painting, when I noticed that he was spending ages doing it. I took a quick look at the chair to see that he was very, very carefully masking the plastic to within a millimetre of the fabric edge. “Oh you don’t need to be that precise” said I. Hubby glanced up at me, his eyes were glazed and he had a peculiar half smile on his face. I could tell he was fantasising; fantasising as to how nice it would feel to put his hands around my neck and squeeze. Poor bloke spends half his life getting told off for being slap-dash and there was I telling him to ease off with the precision. He’s disappeared up my parents to paint a bureau; away from murderous temptation.

The armoire hasn’t been touched yet. A couple of the hinges need replacing, so I can’t do much prep until I’ve managed to source some ‘double cranked finial hinges’ – at least I think that’s what they’re called:-)