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Last night I asked hubby how he was getting on with the bureau he’d been painting up at my parents. “Oh fine, I’ve been using my artistic skills on it“, he said. I was immediately put on alert and my blood pressure must have gone up a notch or two. I thought it best not to ask anything further, but made it my business to hot foot it up to my parents this morning. Hubby took me to the workshop and proudly asked me what I thought of the bureau. “It’s really nice, but I don’t like the drawers; you’ve gone too far“. I could see hubby was offended, but ultimately I sell furniture for a living, so have to be honest.

I’d picked the colours for the bureau, which is small, with 2 drawers and Frenchy style. It’s a petite, girly piece of furniture, so I thought something soft would suit it. Autentico Vintage ‘Almond’ on the outside, Autentico Vintage ‘Pink’ on the inside.

Hubby had painted some small shell details on the legs in the pink, which looked very nice, but he’d gone one step further and painted the drawer fronts pink too. It looked a bit too much. My dad chipped in on the ‘discussion’, saying that the drawer fronts could be painted ‘Linen’. I said that the bureau would then look like a Neapolitan ice cream (coffee, vanilla and pink – on one small item). I stood my ground. The bureau drawers are now ‘Almond’. I’m not flavour of the month!

I came home, did some work in the overcrowded paint shack, got some paint packages ready and went off to post them. I called in at the supermarket and felt sort of cold around the bum region. I didn’t think too much of it until I got outside and definitely felt a chilly breeze around the bum region. Yup, whilst squeezing in between furniture in the paint shack, I’d ripped my jeans, but didn’t notice. Some very lucky people in the store were treated to a bird’s eye view of my lovely, Bridget Jones, lilac pants.

Talking of drawers, I got the Lebus chest of drawers waxed and finished today. Yesterday evening, I carefully distressed the edges of the drawers, to show glimpses of the original blue:

Vintage Lebus chest of drawers, painted Annie Sloan ‘Rococo’.

The effect is quite subtle, but looks pretty against the pale duck egg ‘Rococo’ shade I’d used:

Distressed edges showing glimpses of the original blue.

Hubby and dad went off to source some hinges for the armoire today, but couldn’t get any to fit, so that project is on hold for a few days.

I’ve had a productive week, so once the bureau’s had the finishing touches added to it tomorrow, I’m having a day or 2 off to catch up on a mountain of laundry and housework. Yuk!