Well, I can categorically say that I’m no Domestic Goddess. I’ve had a day and a half off, have done some laundry and some housework and it’s been like pulling teeth. The house has gone from chaos to mere untidiness, but there’s still room for improvement.

Tomorrow will be a fresh start workwise as I’ve no part completed refurbs. There are a couple of bureaux that are high up on the list, mostly because hubby won’t be around much next week and I can move them about on my own. I may also make a tentative start on the armoire, despite the fact that I haven’t been able to source any replacement hinges (yet). I can do the sanding and priming without worrying too much about the armoire getting scratched whilst/when the new hinges are fitted.

I’m going to have to have a re-think on the furniture storage. Currently I rent space in a coach house across the road, but the property is up for sale, so I shall soon be back to square one. I could, at a push, replace one of my small sheds with a bigger one. Failing that, I shall have to find storage elsewhere.

A thankyou goes out to Autentico Paint, who have kindly offered to reimburse me with the pot of Winter Sky paint I gave away in the freebie offer.

The bureau my hubby painted is going to be photographed this afternoon; I’ll post some pics here later. He’s done a good job of it, just don’t tell him I said so:-)

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