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My horse is huge. Despite his considerable size and power, he can be a bit of a big girl’s blouse at times. He’s not been ridden for over 18 months due to illness. Each time I’ve considered bringing him back into work, he’s had a set back. But he’s bored and likes to have a potter around the village, with good old mum leading him around the lanes. He’s built up quite a fan club and enjoys meeting people and violently mugging them of any food they might have about their person having a chat.

Last night he quite fancied a stroll on the way back from the paddock, so we set off to go up one of the little roads. En route we encountered a piece of modern art (a few have sprung up in the village). This particular piece resembled a metal tree, with large shiny tags strung from its branches. The shiny tags were twinkling in the breeze. Jasper decided the modern art was a monster, so we turned around and went home a bit quicker than usual! I didn’t fancy a battle with him; the piece of art was on a blind bend in the road and I had visions of him throwing a tantrum in front of a car if I tried to coax him past.

We got home and he (Jasper) insisted on following me around the garden, as though joined at the hip. Once stabled he settled. Until 2am! and 3am!! and 4am!!! So, I’m stood in the stable with a ton of horse, in my dressing gown, in the small hours, cooing in his ear and massaging his ego back and shoulders. Each time I left him, he started kicking the wotsit out of the stable door and snorting because the ‘shiny tag monster’ was coming to get him. I have neighbours! Jasper has big feet! When he kicks the stable door, it’s very loud.

For some strange reason, I’ve been exhausted today. Can’t think why:-) Thank goodness it was just a bureau I had to work on today. Had it been a big dining set, I’d have thrown the towel in. Here it is in the raw, just about to have a sand and a wash:

Frenchy writing bureau

I know the veneer on the bureau looks good in the pic above, but in reality it was a bit jaded. The pic below is after the first coat of Autentico Vintage ‘Castle Grey’:

First coat of Autentico ‘Castle Grey’ on

Yes, I know, it looks awful, but trust me, it’ll get better. The feet weren’t right so I gave them a dilute wash of ‘Castle Grey’. Here it is with the wash in place and drawers back in drying:

With three drawers painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Almond’

I have a thing about replacing drawers between coats. I have visions of the drawers getting kicked over when left upright on the ground, so tend to play safe. You might just be able to spot a problem. The veneer to the top drawer must have had a small hole in it. The paint blistered the veneer, so I had to grab a Stanley knife and slice the veneer to pop the bubble, then glue it, then clamp it. The drawer is being left overnight to set. Oh well, there’s always something with vintage furniture that springs a surprise, just when you thought it was going so well.

I’d started to paint the drawers in Autentico Vintage ‘Linen’, which looked good against the ‘Castle Grey’ on paper. But once on the bureau they clashed; the Linen looked green and the Castle Grey looked purple, so not a match made in heaven. Luckily I had the sense to test a small area with ‘Linen’ on one drawer, pop it back in the carcass and compare before proceeding to paint the whole lot. A quick wipe and a change to ‘Almond’ brought about a more compatible match. Here’s the bureau drying after second coats:

Minus one drawer, which is being glued!

If the veneer on the drawer mends well, I’ll wax and finish the bureau tomorrow. If not, I’ll think of a reason to blame hubby for the set back:-) Pics to follow…


The veneer mended nicely, so I was able to get the bureau finished today:

Writing bureau, painted Autentico Vintage ‘Castle Grey’ & ‘Almond’

I distressed this bureau just a little:

Lightly distressed paintwork

And added one of my signature roses in white:

Hand painted white rose to inside of bureau

I should have had time to do a bit of prep on another bureau, but the day ran away with me.

I ate dinner outside this evening, in the glorious warm sunshine. Alas it wasn’t all sunshine and roses; I ‘forgot’ to muck out the stable this morning, so had that to do before fetching Jasper in from the paddock. He enjoyed a wash down in the garden and had dinner al fresco, before retiring to his boudoir for the evening.