With a corny title like that, this post has just got to get better!

Up bright and early today, well early anyway, I’m never bright first thing. Off we went to the auction and I finished up with 8 lots, which was good going from a list of 30. I could have bagged a couple more, but realised that there just wasn’t room to store them at home. I bought a couple of chests of drawers, a bureau, a wash stand, a set of small tables (to use on the painting course), a small chunky pine table, the oak barley twist table I spoke of yesterday and a wardrobe.

Itching to get cracking, I started work on the wardrobe this evening and have done the worst part of the refurb – the sanding down and washing. The wardrobe is oak and late Victorian/Edwardian; it’s in good condition, so there were no repairs to carry out. If I remember I’ll grab some ‘before’ pics tomorrow. The wardrobe is going to be painted in Farrow & Ball ‘Elephant’s Breath’, with some touches of white on the ‘twiddly bits’.

The Queen Anne dining table I quite fancied went for too much money. It was a strange auction day. Some items went for a lot of money, others just didn’t spark any interest. My dad quite fancied a very tired, but ornate sideboard and asked me to bid on it for him. It went for over 3 times what dad was willing to pay, which is just as well because my mum wouldn’t have been pleased with his purchase.

I did the finishing touches of paint to the bow top dresser this afternoon. All being well, that will be photographed tomorrow. It’s up in my dad’s workshop, and when he went in there this morning, a row of baby blackbirds were sat in a line on one of the dresser top shelves. Luckily they hadn’t left any droppings on the paintwork! The top has now been turned towards the wall, so they can’t roost on it anymore. Their mother is virtually tame and invites herself into my parents kitchen, where she follows my dad around, constantly asking to be fed. She’s a greedy lady!


Here’s the wardrobe (sanded, washed and ready to prime), basking in the sunshine, down the side of Jasper’s stable:

Edwardian oak wardrobe

Here it is after one coat of primer:

And after two coats of primer:

Hopefully I’ll get the wardrobe finished tomorrow.


Well, I did get ‘it’ finished. The reason I say ‘it’ is because the wardrobe isn’t a wardrobe, it’s a hall/housekeepers cupboard. The coat hooks at the back were a bit of a giveaway, it just took a couple of days for my brain to register the fact. Anyway, here it is:

Hall cupboard, painted in Farrow & Ball ‘Elephant’s Breath’