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I’ve ordered a few new Autentico Vintage shades to add to the selection I already stock. I’m keen to try the Mauve Faux, which is what I’d describe as a soft heather shade. It looks like it will suit vintage dressing tables, and will match nicely with greys and creams. Another colour that looks nice is Nautique, which is a soft teal; I can see that looking good on a bureau. I’ve also ordered some pots of clear wax, so customers won’t have to order wax from a separate source.

I’ll be starting a new item tomorrow. Hubby is over selling the refurb of 6 dining chairs that look buggers to do, so I’ve made a few excuses as to why I can’t start them at the minute. Much more appealing is a pine wash stand – there’s only 4 legs to sand and prime and paint, instead of 24 for a start.

Hubby is working on an oak barley twist dining table. It looked an easy enough job at the start, but it’s been taken to pieces because the top needed some remedial work. That’s been glued and clamped, to pull together the planks on one of the leaves. There’s also a stain on the wood, which appeared from beneath the dark varnish when it was sanded back. The stain will be treated with an acid solution to (hopefully) bleach it out. I have an old toothbrush that’s used for the job, which gives you some idea how laborious it is. Refurbishing old furniture is always full of surprises and despite it only being Monday, the swear box is almost full:-)

It’s been too hot to finish off the little bow top dresser that’s in my dad’s workshop – it’s like a sauna in there. Dad said he might do a bit to it this evening. I’ve been in and out of love with the colour of the dresser, but when I saw it today, I thought it looked very cute.

Progress pics to follow…