As weeks go, this one hasn’t been the greatest. The furniture has been problematic. And I’ve been without my van for a few days. I expected to pick it up yesterday, but heard nothing from the garage. I knew that it needed some minor(ish) repairs and a service, but was a little taken aback when the mechanic said it was going to cost several hundred pounds. “Ok, but let me know if it’s going to be more than several hundred” said I.

The phone rang this afternoon and I was only half listening to the mechanic. I thought he was doing the prelude into a “Well, we’ve had to do this to the gizmo and that to the oojimaflip, so therefore your bill is going to let me retire 10 years early”. About 45 seconds into his rather quick chatter, I said “Hold on a minute, run that past me again”. Mechanic ran it past me again. The van was being driven by the mechanic, when it was involved in an accident. Someone ran into the back of it and shoved it down the street. The back end is squished. This was just after the repairs had been carried out on the van – several hundred pounds worth of repairs!

So, I’m van-less and quite annoyed. The accident happened yesterday afternoon and the first I knew about it was this afternoon. The mechanic is saying that due to the damage, my van may be written off. I asked for a hire van, but nothing has transpired and we’re now hitting the Bank Holiday.

So, I have a several hundred pounds bill for a service, MOT and repairs, and I also have a knackered van and a feeling that the write off money may not be enough to replace like for like – after all, I’d just spent a whole heap of money ensuring that my van would be good for the next year, or until I could afford to buy a better one.

Anyway, enough moaning from me. Here’s the little dresser I told you about. Don’t believe the cute and angelic look it gives you. No, no, no, this little dresser is a feisty little minx. There’s also a few pics of the oak barley twist table:

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