Due to the awful weather and being van-less and also packed to the rafters in the paint shack, I’ve been busying myself with things that don’t involve painting furniture. My printer has been busy over the past few days, printing off the notes that I’ve written for the furniture painting courses. The notes were prepared a few weeks back and once I printed them off, I realised that there’s quite a lot of content; almost a book’s worth of content. Which made me wonder if I have a book in me and if I do, is there a market for a furniture painter’s manual?

I doubt that my photographs would cut the mustard (and a decent book would need lots of lovely photographs to show all the different styles and techniques).  All I have is a point and click Sony and I don’t have any of the fancy software packages that allow you to tweak photos. But maybe with some decent photographs, there’s more or less enough written content to provide a thorough introduction into refurbishing furniture. It’s something that I might work on a little later in the year – an ideal, cold Winter night project. I’m not a gadget sort of person, but hubby is, so maybe he could master a more sophisticated camera and do the photography.

It was nice to sit and watch the Jubilee celebrations on the tv earlier; it’s the first time for weeks that I’ve sat down and chilled. On the down-side, when I sit and chill, I munch, so the goodie cupboard was raided a few times and my jeans feel a bit tight this evening!