… Or more precisely, a wind out table. It’s a Queen Anne dining table, with one of those old fashioned handles that’s used to wind in or out the extension leaf. This dining table came back with me from North Yorkshire, when I delivered an oak dining set to a client.

Here it is being sanded:

Queen Anne Dining Table

Hubby has 2 sanders on the go; one with fine grit and one with course grit sandpaper. I always do the fine sanding by hand, but you know what men are for gadgets:-)

I’d love to comment on the amount of Queen Anne legs on show, but don’t think hubby would appreciate it:-)

I was hoping to get the legs primed (table’s, not hubby’s), but the heavens opened shortly after they were sanded down, so that task will have to wait until tomorrow. Not sure on the paint yet, but it’s likely to be a Farrow and Ball shade. Progress pics to follow…