At last I have a van; well actually I don’t. The hire company would only insure it for one driver and seeing as hubby does most of the deliveries, we plumped for him as the designated driver. I’ve lost count the amount of times that I’ve thought “Oh, I’ll just nip to so and so”. I live in a village with no amenities, so it’s very frustrating, but I shall just have to grin and bear it for a while.

The hire company wanted a statement of truth from hubby; they didn’t get one. I put my lawyer hat on and said that he couldn’t comment on the accident when he wasn’t the driver and wasn’t even there when it happened. I have a funny feeling that this whole scenario will get complicated (i.e. expensive) somewhere along the line…

Anyway, today has been spent getting furniture ready to go out. The wrapping took ages because of the rain. We kept lifting stuff in and out of the paint shack, dodging raindrops, but got there in the end. I’ve one chair left to wrap, before calling it a wrap for today. This time tomorrow there should be a little bit of room in the paint shack. Yay!

I had a look at my site stats earlier and I’ve had loads of visits from the USA and a few from Canada today. It’s nice that you pop over the pond for a gossip and I am almost one of you don’t yer know! My dad’s family all cleared off to America and Canada after the War, so I’ve relatives all over the States. I’ve an aunt in British Columbia, an uncle and 2 aunts in Ontario, along with cousins in Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Florida. I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but basically we went, we multiplied and we spread ourselves about a bit.

There’s not much happening on the furniture front for a day or two. I’ve got stock to shift about and more deliveries to get out, but somewhere along the line the Queen Anne table will be finished off. It’s fully primed, so just the paint to go on and a finish of some sort on the sanded down table top.

I’ve a bureau up for refurb this weekend, during the painting course; if there’s time I’ll grab some pics.