Well, that’s the first Furniture Painting Course done and dusted.

Upon meeting the 4 ladies who attended the Course, it soon became apparent that I wouldn’t have to resort to Script B (‘Script B’ being “This is a pot of paint and it’s the hairy end of the paint brush you dip in the pot of paint”).

Girl power

So, four sassy ladies, all bright, all different and all seemed to get along really well together (perhaps because they all had something in common; a mutual loathing of the ‘teacher’:-)). Some very nice pieces of furniture were refurbished and I’m sure that many more such pieces will be turned out by the ladies in the not too distant future.

I felt ok yesterday evening, which is just as well because there was the packing up to do from the Course and the unloading of all the painting paraphernalia once I got home. But this morning I wasn’t exactly bright and breezy, but have improved as the day’s gone on.

There’s a part finished bureau to work on this week, which I used as a demo piece on the Course. I’ve also got a satinwood chest of drawers lined up for refurb. It needs quite a bit of work before any paint touches it. One of the drawers needs a mend, there’s some sanding to do and the current handles are hideous. Oh and there’s the felt tip writing on one of the drawers to get rid of. Apart from all that, it should be a doddle!

satinwood drawers

Also on the cards is the painting of the Queen Anne dining table. That will have to wait until a nice day because it’s too big to keep lifting in and out every half hour when a rain shower appears.

Hubby has been busy trying to sort out a hinge for the armoire. So that might also be on the cards for refurb this week, but I’m not holding my breath.

I occasionally decoupage images onto my furniture and have been having a browse for some nice vintage pictures. I came across the one pictured below. The first line says “One enjoys both the method and result when Syrup of Figs is taken.” Somehow I don’t think it will be finding its way onto one of my items of furniture:-)