You may remember this from last week:

The picture shows the beginning of the Queen Anne dining table refurb, with the top being sanded down.

The legs were double primed in readiness for the Farrow & Ball paint, which I’d thought would be ‘Elephant’s Breath’, but changed my mind and plumped for ‘Dove Tale’. Here’s the table, with the first coat of ‘Dove Tale’ going on:

The table had to be painted under Jasper’s canopy because the weather was so unsettled. Here’s the table this evening, with the painting completed and the first coat of finish applied to the table top:

If the weather’s ok tomorrow, the table should be finished.

I had the fright of my life this evening. I was sat at the computer answering emails when the phone rang. It was a friend who lives near my paddock. Friend’s daughter was riding her own horse and had spotted Jasper, who looked very poorly. “You must come quickly, it’s Jasper, he’s ill, said friend, in a very panic stricken voice.

I made a mad dash down to the paddock, which is about 400 metres from home. The last 150 metres are down a farm track, which has tall thick hedgerow, so I can’t see my field until I get really close. My heart was in my mouth as I made my way quickly down the track. What was I going to have to face?!!! Jasper must have heard me coming because I heard him neigh – the ‘special’ squeal sort of neigh that’s reserved for special occasions. “Well, at least he’s not dead” I thought. A few seconds later, I reached the paddock gate, only to see Jasper chasing my friend across the paddock, looking anything but ill. He was having a ball, tossing his mane about and being very bossy and naughty indeed. My poor friend had a hip replacement not too long back and was hobbling, breathless across the paddock, with Jasper hot on her heels. “I think it was a false alarm, said friend, whilst gasping for breath.

It seems that Jasper had gotten down to have a really good roll in the grass and friend’s daughter thought he’d collapsed. He was quite annoyed when his rolling in the grass session was rudely interrupted, so set about seeing the trespasser off his land.

My husband told me a while back that Jasper chases him off the field if I’m not there. “No“, said I, “you must be mistaken, Jasper’s not like that, he’s just coming up to you to be friendly“. Hubby got photographic evidence to prove his case:

Butter wouldn’t melt:-)



Here’s the finished Queen Anne table:

Victorian dining table with Queen Anne legs, painted Farrow & Ball ‘Dove Tale’