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Ok, so some women like handbags. Some women like clothes. Some women like shoes (well ok, I’m quite fond of shoes too). I’m also quite fond of paint.

Today is International Paint Tarts Day (I think). Yes, it must be, because I seem to have rather a lot of it. I’ve had a delivery from Autentico, which includes some new shades, as well as top ups from the pots I’ve used and sold, and also a delivery from Annie Sloan, which also includes some new shades. Heaven! Alas, International Paint Tarts Day isn’t recognised (yet) as a Bank Holiday, but it should be. There are pots everywhere and I need to find a home for them and a Bank Holiday would give me time to do it just right. Although untidy in some ways, my pots of paint have to be in a certain order. An OCD type of certain order. Neat little rows, with the spacings just so. And the shades have to be in a certain order too. I very nearly put the ‘Dune’ before the ‘Linen’ last time; just imagine what trouble and turmoil that would have caused!

I’m completely thrown though. My system is threatened. The new Autentico ‘Herbs’ that I’ve got. Where oh where should it go? It’s neither white, nor grey, nor cream, nor green as such. If I just tag it onto the end, it will send my whole paint shade system out of kilter. I need to have a lie down, the stress of it all is just too much:-)

Do you really need all that paint?” said hubby. And as if that remark wasn’t stupid enough, he then said, “Can I help stack the paint?“. Of course he couldn’t; no, no, NOOOOO, the whole ritualistic system would just be spoilt and if he put a pot in the wrong order, I’d have to start all over from the beginning again…

Anyway, I’m glad to have shared that with you and I’m sure you’ll all agree that I’m in no way weird or anything, it’s just has to be right, that’s all.

On a more sensible note! The Queen Anne table is finished:

Late Victorian, wind-out dining table, painted Farrow & Ball ‘Dove Tale’

I’ve resumed work on a bureau that I used as a demo piece on the Furniture Painting Course. The paintwork on the inside is being ‘blinged’ and I’ve painted over a rushed artwork that I did to the front of it. I now have a blank canvas to fill – most probably with a French lithographic advertisement. Here it is with the paint just about dry:

Paris Grey writing bureau

Work is also underway on the satinwood chest of drawers I posted about a few days back. The repairs have been carried out and tomorrow it should be ready for the rest of the preparation.

I went to an auction viewing today, but nothing took my fancy. It’s perhaps just as well because there’s a huge antiques fair local to me next week and I could do with saving some money for that. Over 2000 stalls of goodies; I may be gone some time:-)