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The weather was good today, so it was all systems go in the paint shack. We moved furniture around in there so that the items due to go out were to the front. There was a lot of lifting in and out of the shack, and tonight I ache. We have managed to make a small amount of space in there too, so at least I can do some work under cover over the weekend.

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks selling, and once the sold items have all gone to their new homes, it will be time to really get cracking on some fresh items.

The replacement armoire hinges are still proving problematic, but I may have found a supplier. I’ve looked at so many hinges that I can’t see the wood for the trees and one hinge looks just like another. It will be nice to (finally) get started on the armoire; I took a look at it today and spent a few minutes thinking about what colours to paint it. I’m contemplating that a very pale grey might suit the main parts of it, with the carvings painted in another ultra soft shade – perhaps a pale duck egg, or cream.

I did some work to the inside of the bureau today. It has been painted in a new Annie Sloan shade, ‘Florence’, which is a bright teal:

Bureau in progress

As you can see, it’s not quite finished! Looks a mess doesn’t it? No worries, it’ll be fine…

My work progress hasn’t been great this week, but with items going out every day, I’ve spent a lot of time wrapping. I’ve also sold quite a bit of the Autentico Vintage paint recently, so have been busy getting those orders sent off. No rest for the wicked this week!