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Hubby was off on a delivery to Lancashire today, so the house was nice and quiet. Couple a quiet house, with a rainy day, and it’s a perfect combination for some quiet work.

I wasn’t exactly looking forward to starting the work on the front of the bureau. The vintage lithographic image I wanted to copy was full of fine detail, with lots of twiddly bits. Here’s the image taped in place, ready for me to start the work:

Some time later… And here’s the image traced onto the bureau:

Yes, it was a bit tedious; I left off halfway through to pack parcels and get them posted off, then resumed once my patience had returned. I quite liked the image as it was, but thought it needed sharpening up just a tad, so I did just that:

As you can see, there’s not much difference, but just enough to make the detail more defined.

I’ve also done more work to the inside of the bureau, which will be finished later today. Pics of the finished bureau to follow when the rain stops…