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As predicted, the weather was too wet and windy for much work to be done, but I did faff about with the bureau and it’s now finished. No proper photos yet because we couldn’t lift it outside, but I’ll post some up tomorrow. In the mean time, here’s a couple of pics of the inside of it:

Peacock fabric remnant

I had a few remnants of some French linen fabric and thought it would match well with the Annie Sloan ‘Florence’ paint. I finished it off with a border of teal ribbon:

Finished with teal ribbon

After the above pics were taken, I waxed the pigeon holes to spruce them up a bit and also added French script to the paintwork.

I’d hoped to get a dining table delivered today, but each time I contemplated loading the van, the rains came down, so by 2pm I decided to call it a day.

Tomorrow it will be all systems go if the weather dries up. There are a couple of chests of drawers to work on, then hopefully (when the paint shack empties a little by mid-week), there’s a small pine dining table and a large dining set to tackle. Just don’t mention the armoire… having searched high and low, we still can’t get hinges to fit it, so it’s going to be a matter of trying to bend some hardware to make them fit. An extra large swear box may well be needed.