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Oh I do apologise for the title; I know it’s cheesy and just plain awful. Unable to find hinges to fit the armoire, Plan b was put into action today. I do hope it works as I’m getting a little fed up with not being able to get cracking on it. My dad is trying to fashion some ‘nearly fit’ hinges to make them fit. Who would imagine that a simple repair, such as replacing a couple of hinges would prove so problematic!

I’m working on a chest of drawers that are being painted to order, to match a dressing table that I sold a while back. The colours I’m using are Annie Sloan ‘French Linen’ & ‘Antoinette’. The drawers should be finished tomorrow. It was all systems go today with various projects and I didn’t seem to make that much progress, but it all fell into place by this evening. Four out of six dining chairs have been prepped and I’ve been varnishing some cupboard handles that have some cute shabby images on them.

I was hoping (well dreading actually) to get the remaining two dining chairs prepped tomorrow, but once again it looks as though heavy rain is on its way and it’s a task that has to be done outdoors. My paint shack has somehow filled up again, but I might just about make enough room in there to start painting the four dining chairs. I’ve another chest of drawers in the wings, which I’m itching to make a start on, but I’m going to force myself to save them until the latest dining set makes a bit more progress.

On Friday I’m hoping to go to the largest antiques fair in Europe, which is held just a few miles from me, but if the weather’s as bad as predicted, I might have to give it a miss. The parking is on grass, and the hire company might not appreciate their van getting stuck in mud. If I cancel that visit, I’ll head off to one of my regular auction houses for a viewing.