I’ve been buying at auction today. Hubby went off to park the van, leaving me to it in the auction house; he re-appeared just as I was getting warmed up. Hubby made a very peculiar noise whilst I was bidding on the items below – a sort of panic stricken moan – cum – grunt. “You all right?” I asked him innocently. What else have you bought? he said. “Oh just a few bits and bobs, I replied, without looking at him.

There are a couple of very large items that just won’t fit in the paint shed at the minute, so one of them has taken up residence in my hall. That’s all well and good, but my hallway isn’t that wide, so we shall have to  pretend to be crabs and sidle sideways past it on our travels about the house. But it is lovely. My dad saw it and said “You’re not going to paint that are you?“, as did the man who delivered it to me. “I’m afraid so” was my answer.

Here it is:

Webber dresser

A dark(ish) oak dresser with some lovely hardware and generous carvings. The dust is original too:-) The pic had to be close-up, as I couldn’t stand any further away from it in the hall. Here’s a pic of the carvings:

Nice chunky braces and carved detail

I doubt I’ll be starting the dresser for a while; there’s a few items to go out of the paint shed first.

The matching dining table and chairs were also purchased. I just love the shape of the chairs and know they will look very cute when painted:

Handsel & Gretel Chair

The dining set has already been named as ‘Handsel and Gretel‘ because it has that kind of rustic charm to the shape. I think those seat pad covers will have to have a make-over too; they’re in excellent condition, but are a little plain and frumpy.

I also bought a bureau and a dressing table, so there’s plenty to keep me busy over the next few weeks. Come to think of it, I’ll have to be very busy over the next few weeks, as I’m now broke!!:-)