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I was looking forward to a nice easy day today. Yesterday was a mammoth furniture moving day and this morning my muscles were aching. So with just a chest of drawers to paint, I could take things nice and easy. I did the prep last night, so all the hard graft was done. Yes, a nice easy day was just the thing.  A nice hour or two just pottering about down the paddock and a nice little snoozums this afternoon. All very well, er, nice.

Hubby had other ideas and thought we ought to get on with painting some particularly hefty beech dining chairs. In all fairness, they were prepped a few days ago, so were well up on the ‘to do’ list, but I knew they’d be buggers to paint. To add insult to injury, I’d planned on using Annie Sloan paint. Not that there’s anything wrong with Annie Sloan paint, it’s just that hubby doesn’t get on well with it and there’s always temper tantrums when he paints with it.

I was in a dilemma. I couldn’t paint the chairs and the chest of drawers, so would have to relinquish ‘paintership’ somewhere!!! Hubby did first coat on the carcass of the chest of drawers, whilst I drew the short straw with the drawers. The handles on the drawers are riveted on, so I had to use a fine art brush to paint around them.

Then it was Annie Sloan time! Yippee! I anticipated a domestic. Something ‘grown up’ along the lines of “I hate this paint and you’re just a little bitch“. Anyway, I stopped hubby from painting for a minute or two, watered down the paint, turned the first chair upside down and did a short demo. I expected the sarcastic remarks, but there were none (at that point anyway)… Early days, but I think we have a eureka moment. His paintwork was good. And there were no tantrums. Here are two of them after first coats:

beech dining chairs

Hubby was quick to point out how superior his paintwork was to mine. I ignored him.

So, that’s four chairs first coated, with another 2 carvers to first coat. Then there’s all six to second coat, each having four legs, so that means there’s 32 legs left to paint. Oh well…