The armoire has been so long sitting in the paint shack, that I’ve come to think of it as a roundabout – something that slows one down and has to be navigated around when getting from a – b. Unable to get any ‘off-the-peg’ hinges, hubby has been re-modelling some to try and get them to fit. I’m not too sure of the technique used as I didn’t stand over him and watch, but I do know that the said technique requires a lot of swearwords and a hefty dollop of grunting. I knew things were getting serious when my dad arrived to assist. A sort of stereo grunting and swearing could be heard from the paint shack. And lots of drills and tools were used. I stayed well clear!

Eventually, I was summoned to have a look. The left hand door was a little stiff to close, so the ‘grunters’ took the door off and re-hung it. Yup, that did the trick; all was well and the armoire was locked and finished for the day. Except… I decided to unlock it and spend a little time considering how I was going to go about refurbishing the inside. Then the right door wouldn’t shut properly. There’s no rational explanation; the right hand door just decided that the left hand door had received too much attention, so decided to play up whilst ‘mummy’ was watching.

Hubby tweaked and faffed and scratched his head. We then both stood looking at the door for quite some time (well, we are country bumpkins and there wasn’t much on the tv:-)), and then decided to call it a day for today.

I’m going to do what all good refurbishers do when an item of furniture shows off; I’m going to ignore it for a day or two, just to teach it some manners. If that doesn’t work, I’ll threaten it with my lump hammer, that usually does the trick:-)