I’ve been on the lookout for a plain chest of drawers for myself. The reason they need to be very plain is that the design I plan needs a flat, uncomplicated surface. There’s nothing unique about my plan; its blatant plagiarism in fact. The idea for my chest of drawers comes from the subway art that I’ve seen on (my favourite blog) Cheltenham Road’s blog: http://cheltenhamroad.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/this-is-the-cool-place/

My chest of drawers will have legal London landmarks: Temple, Blackfriars, Holborn and Chancery lane. I shall also have a ‘Lincoln’s Inn’ too. Barristers and student barristers have to belong to an Inn of Court. There are 4 Inns of Court: Gray’s Inn, Middle Temple, Inner Temple and Lincoln’s Inn. I’m a member of (The Honourable Society of) Lincoln’s Inn (see here: http://www.lincolnsinn.org.uk/  ). It is just as beautiful as it looks in the pictures. Just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Holborn, Lincoln’s Inn was a little haven of peace when I was working and studying in London. The seats in the library had indentations, where years and years of bums on seats had squashed the padding to a dish shaped cushion. I’d sit on those chairs and wonder if Lord Denning once sat where I was sitting.

Years ago, barristers were taught by the Inns of Court, and to a certain extent the Inns of Court still have a role to play in the training of barristers today. My first impression of Lincoln’s Inn was that it was just like Hogwarts, with its overpowering sense of history, mixed with a touch of mystery. There’s an extensive law library, a Great Hall (where the dining takes place, seated at long benches, with pictures of notable members of the Inn upon the walls) and a very nice members ‘Common Room’ that’s anything but common. Some of the old traditions remain and student barristers have to wear gowns and dine at their Inn on 12 occasions before being called to the Bar. The Inns also deal with disciplinary procedures and throw out students who plagiarise others work (but please it’s only a chest of drawers and I have added my own twist to it:-)).

Anyway, my plan is that one day, I’ll find that plain chest of drawers and will set about turning it into a legal London chest of drawers. Watch this space, but not too closely; I maybe some time:-)