I’ve sort of finished the dining set. The two carvers were varnished today – I opted for matt varnish on this set, rather than wax. The style of the dining set is quite rustic, so I thought varnish would be more practical/wipeable, should it go into a kitchen, rather than a dining room.

I’ve ummed and arghed over whether or not to paint a small artwork on the seat of each chair. I discussed it earlier with hubby, who thought it a good idea, then he thought it was a bad idea when he saw jottings of what I had in mind. “Too chocolate box”, he said, then added, “but I suppose it’s the sort of thing women like”. So I’m now even more undecided than before?

My idea was to have a central theme – my ‘usual’ roses, but with a little bit of different wildlife on each: a bumble bee, a dormouse (if my arty farty skills are having a good day!), a butterfly, a bird, a ladybird and something else that’s cute (yet to be decided). I’ll make a decision in the morning.

I took a couple of carved Edwardian chairs up to my dad today. He has the onerous task of removing all the old horse hair stuffing and re-upholstering them. I’ve got some neutral linen fabric, onto which I’m going to try to transfer some silhouette images. It might work, it might not, but it’s worth a try. If I pull it off, they will look great, if I don’t, I’ll deny I ever had such an idea, and switch to a patterned fabric:-)

There’s another big dining set in the wings, that really ought to be tackled next, but I might have a brief detour and refurbish a bureau or a dressing table instead. A change is as good as rest sometimes.

Weather permitting, I’ll grab some pics of the dining set over the weekend…