I decided to add a bit of artwork to the dining chairs. Apart from anything else, I quite fancied doing something gentle, rather than lifting great big pieces of furniture. Before I started, I did have to move a few items, so didn’t get away with a genteel day entirely.

Hubby was off working elsewhere for a while and I’d made room in the paint shack to do the work comfortably. I got everything ready: my paints, art brushes, my mixing plate, my jottings to work from and some photos… All that was left to do was grab a nice big mug of coffee and then I could commence work in tranquility. Then my dad arrived to mend the armoire. Then hubby arrived back and helped dad, so I fled evacuated the paint shack to work outside, but the breeze dried the paint too quickly and then I gave up for a while.

Once the paint shack was empty again, I moved the chairs back in and picked up where I left off. As expected, I had problems with the dormouse/harvest mouse, which looked like a particularly ugly rat at first attempt:-) Hubby came in to look and all was silent – it’s always silent when it’s bad – he knows when to keep quiet:-) Anyway, I’ve just finished the last one, which is a dragonfly:

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