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Yesterday morning was taken up with the dreaded washing down of 3 items: a dressing table, a bureau and the armoire. The rest of the day was spent on the dressing table.

I resumed work on the little Edwardian dressing table this morning and the painting is just about finished. It’ll now be left to cure before I wax it, clean the mirror and line the drawers. I’ve used Autentico Vintage ‘Mauve Faux’ for the main colour; the carvings, shelf edge and handles have been flashed over with Autentico Vintage ‘Pink’:

Dressing table, painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Mauve Faux’ & ‘Pink’

I was looking forward to trying the ‘Mauve Faux’. It’s a lovely soft heather shade that’s bang on trend. Whilst I was painting, the colour reminded me constantly of a delicious fruit smoothie, made with soft berry fruits. I was starving by the time I’d finished!

The next task is to start work on the inside of the bureau, which is currently a sea of dark wood:

Inside of bureau

I’m going to have a few minutes quaffing coffee, whilst I decide on a colour scheme and what ‘pretties’ will decorate the inside.

This post will be added to throughout the week, so do check back to see how things progress. I might even make a start on the armoire…

Tuesday Evening

I’ve chosen Annie Sloan ‘Olive’ for the inside of the bureau. Here it is after one coat:

First coat of ‘Olive’

And here it is, still wet, after 2 coats:

Second coat of ‘Olive’

The base and drawers have had their first coats. I’ve chosen Annie Sloan ‘French Linen’ & ‘Country Grey’ for the outside. Tomorrow I’ll be second coating the bureau and waxing the dressing table. If there’s time, I’ll also be doing the ‘pretties’ on the inside of the bureau.

I had a table go out yesterday, for delivery this morning. When I checked my emails this afternoon, the customer had kindly sent me a pic of the table in its new home:

It’s nice to see my items in their new homes; being used and enjoyed.


The second coat of paint went on the bureau this morning. Once the carcass and drawer fronts had been painted in ‘French Linen’, I then had the fiddly bits to paint in the contrasting ‘Country Grey’: the edges to the drawers, the key hole covers and the handles. Here’s the bureau drying off:

Bureau in ‘French Linen’ & ‘Country Grey’

I distressed the little dressing table paintwork this morning and will be waxing it this afternoon. The bureau may have a little more work done to the inside later today, but the waxing will be left until tomorrow.


I’ve just completed the artwork to the inside of the bureau. I was busy concentrating on painting the rose and forgot about the black ink on the script. The side of my hand was resting on it and I left smudges of the ink here and there, hence the re-touched bits of ‘Olive’:

Pale pink rose on inside of bureau

The colours wouldn’t come right this morning and I spent a while blending the acrylics to get the right shades. Bigger dinner plate needed:-)

How many colours!

Whilst the artwork is drying off, I’ll wax the bureau carcass and drawers, then it’s just a matter of lining the drawers and doing any finishing touches.

This afternoon might be armoire time, or housework time. Looks like the armoire is the easiest option!

Thursday pm

The bureau is finished, but hubby isn’t around to help me lift it out the paint shack, so the pics have been taken in situ. Here it is:

Writing bureau painted in Annie Sloan ‘French Linen’ & ‘Country Grey’

I went for an ultra smooth finish, with barely a brush stroke:

Ultra smooth finish

With a signature rose to finish off:

Signature rose to the inside

This post has gotten a bit long, so the armoire refurb is being covered in a fresh post. I’ll grab some pics of the little dressing table when hubby is around to help me with the lifting.