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It seems as though the armoire has been hanging around forever. No sooner had one problem been fixed, when another cropped up. Let’s just say that armoire and I aren’t the best of friends at the minute!

In case you haven’t seen the offending item, here she is in the raw:

A tricky little armoire

It was going to be housework or armoire starting this afternoon. I took one look at the chores that needed doing at home and plumped for the easy option! I’ve made a start on the inside of the armoire, which is being painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Almond’. I like the ‘Almond’ because it gives good coverage for a pale shade; the last thing I want on the armoire is a build up of layers and layers of paint, with the associated sanding and smoothing. The panels on the inside of the doors have been painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Pink’. They will have a shabby rose artwork painted on them towards the end of the refurb, Here it is after one thin coat of each colour:

Inside of armoire – first coat in place

I’ve only painted a small margin around the base of the armoire, as that will be lined with fabric towards the end of the refurb:

Runner up in the most boring photograph competition:-)

The humid weather has taken its toll and I’m exhausted, so there’s not going to be much more progress today. Tomorrow, I really must do some housework, but Saturday will see a bit more action with the armoire. I’ll be adding to this post until the armoire is finished, so do check back to see how things are going…


My day off turned into two. I decided to have a good old tidy up in the house and have been busy doing housework and laundry. The armoire has progressed only a little – I’ve second coated the inside earlier today:

I should make some decent progress this coming week, so stay tuned…


Not much work to the armoire today, but I did manage to get some half decent pics of the bureau and dressing table which were refurbished last week. I’m tied up with other work tomorrow too, but should manage to do a little more to the armoire by Wednesday/Thursday.

Here’s the dressing table, which was painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Mauve Faux’ & ‘Pink’:

Edwardian oak dressing table, painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Mauve Faux’ & ‘Pink’

And here’s the bureau, which I painted in Annie Sloan ‘French Linen’ & ‘Country Grey’:

Bureau painted in Annie Sloan ‘French Linen’ & ‘Country Grey’

(with ‘Olive’ on the inside):

The inside of the bureau is painted in Annie Sloan ‘Olive’