The conversation went a little like this:

Customer: “Yes, I’d like this little bedside cabinet refurbishing”

Me: “What that formica 1970’s ex military bedside table *ha ha ha*?”:

Bedside table

Customer: “YES! it’s a very nice bedside table I’ll have you know. I’ve owned it 20 years and was given it by my father who used to ‘do’ furniture”

Me: “So, you must’ve heard that I’m a fabulous furniture refurbisher, who can turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse”

Customer: “No, I just heard that if it has legs and stands still for more than 5 minutes, you’ll paint it”

Me: “Oh”

Customer: “Well, get on with it then! I’m in no particular rush; I’ll pick it up tomorrow”

Me: “Tomorrow! It’ll cost you; I’m a very busy person don’t yer know”

Customer: “I’m paying you nothing”

Me: “Why?”

Customer: “You’re talking to the woman in the mirror you fool “


Sometime later, here it is:

Painted bedside table

It looks quite groovy in its new, Annie Sloan ‘Emperor’s Silk’ paint. It needs waxing and I’ve made a new handle for it, which needs several coats of varnish:

birdcage knob

I smudged a little of the red paint around the edge of the image, to blend it in with the background paintwork.

Not much progress with the armoire. Dad has decided that it needs some further work to strengthen it, so I’ve downed tools with it for a day or two.

I will be starting the refurbishing of these in the next few days:

Chest of drawers with ball and claw feet

Just look at those lovely ball and claw feet:

Close-up of feet

This particular design is right up my street and I can’t wait to get cracking on them

I bought some lovely Romo linen fabric a while back and tried out a couple of image transfers on it today. The fabric is going onto a couple of Edwardian chairs that are currently being refurbished. Here’s one image:

Birdcage image

And here’s the other:

Paris image

They should look good once upholstered onto the seats of the chairs. I’ll post some pics once they’re done.