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When I get a bee in my bonnet, I like to run with it!

It was a nice day, so I made hay whilst the sun shone. This refurb is being painted to order, to match a dressing table and chair I sold a few weeks back:

Antoinette dressing table

Here’s what the chest of drawers looked like before I got my mits on it at 8.30 this morning (well, in actual fact it was minus the handles and prepped yesterday, so looked a bit like the pic below):

chest of drawers

First up was a very dilute colour wash of Antoinette in all the ‘twiddly bits’:

Antoinette colour wash

Followed by first coats to the not so twiddly bits:

first coat to the body of the drawers

I again washed over some bits that I thought needed more colour and then things got technical – I got out my little art brush and painted the relief parts of the ‘twiddly bits’:

The twiddly bits, painted with a small art brush

Followed by second coats:

Getting there…

Followed by a fine sanding and a third coat:

The eleventh hour!

Eleven hours later, I got there.

Oh, and I also finished my little bedside table:

Bedside table painted in Annie Sloan Emperor’s Silk

I waxed it with clear, then dark wax to bring out the red hues. Hubby drilled a hole for the new birdcage handle:

Birdcage handle to add a finishing touch

It was buffed a little later, once the wax had dried and the top now has a soft sheen. Now I’m tired!

Tomorrow, if the weather’s fine, the chest of drawers will be tweaked, waxed and I’ll line the drawers and put the handles back on. Then I have it all to do again (in different colours) on an identical, second chest of drawers. Phew!!!