Thank goodness for that; I’ll have a brief reprieve from prepping 6 chairs, because next up is a big oak dresser that I bought about a month ago. It’s a solid oak number that’s incredibly heavy. It was dumped in my hallway and because of its weight, we didn’t fancy carting it off to the paint shack, so it’s stayed there ever since.

There’s some lovely carvings to work with and it also has attractive bronze braces and hinges:

bronze braces on oak dresser

Weather permitting, the dresser will be sanded and prepped tomorrow. I’m not decided on a colour yet and would like to see it when it’s sanded before making a choice (pics to follow).

I’ve delayed the latest dining set because I’ve decided to buy a sewing machine. I just can’t face hand sewing 6 seat pads, so it’s time to invest a bit of money in a decent machine. Apart from being a slow process, my hand sewing isn’t that neat, so I do need a machine. I’ve been in touch with a business that sells refurbished, heavy duty sewing machines and they have my precise requirements (no bells and whistles, just an idiot proof machine). I looked at some new machines and saw all of their buttons and gizmos and immediately knew that I needed something basic, but sturdy. The last time I used a sewing machine was when I was at school (yes, THAT long ago). I have an excellent vocabulary of swearwords that will see me through the first few weeks of use!