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Oh well, it just wasn’t meant to be. The weather has been so wet and awful that it just wasn’t possible to get started on the dresser. The sanding down has to be done outside and the rains put paid to that. Instead, I’ve made a start on the dining set – it’s much easier to dash into the paint shack with a chair under my arm, than a 6ft dresser.

The chairs have been sanded and washed. Here’s one of the carvers, following sanding, waiting patiently for a wipe down:

Webber oak carver

In the pic below, you can see what a difference the sanding down makes (the chair on the right hasn’t been sanded). Sanding takes the shine out, to provide a keyed surface that the paint products can adhere to:

Webber dining chairs

If the weather improves, I’ll make a start on the priming this afternoon. Progress pics to follow…

If the weather forecast is right, we are in for some nice weather come the weekend. Hopefully, I’ll be able to crack on a little quicker with the furniture (I’ve been saying this since December, so it’s not before time!)

Oh and I’ve just discovered via My Front Porch To Yours that Maison Blanche are selling Autentico Chalk Paint, under the brand of ‘Le Craie’ in the States. The packaging is beautiful:

 Time to dodge another thunder storm…