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The Webber oak dining set is about midway. Today I did the second coats of primer to the 6 chairs:

Primed and drying out

I’d love to say that I enjoyed it, but I didn’t. It’s tedious, boring, repetitive and tiring, but from now on things should start to take shape. Tomorrow I will make a start on the top coats, which will be Farrow & Ball ‘Dove Tale’.

This is what the matching table looked like this morning:

Webber oak dining table

It’s since been sanded and is waiting for a wipe down. Once it’s had a clean up, we’ll be able to see if any more sanding is required (I know the answer is yes, but live in hope).

I have got 6 seat pad covers to make and I’m not the world’s best, or quickest seamstress. The sewing machine hasn’t arrived yet, but there’s still quite a bit of painting to do before I even think of sewing. I need to have a measure up to see if I’ve enough fabric, but I think the seat covers will be Romo linen, decorated with some Parisian images.

Also on the go are a couple of bedside cabinets and a chest of drawers. We’ve sanded them down, but had to abandon hopes of getting them primed because it started to rain and the paint shack’s a bit too full to swing a paint brush:-)

In the middle of all the above activity, Jasper had a visit from the farrier and was his usual petulant self. He always acquires a chip on his very broad shoulders when the farriers arrive and a battle of the wills often commences. I bribed him with Polo Mints today and we got there with just a couple of tantrums. The tantrums usually entail a farrier being swung around like a rag doll on the end of Jasper’s foot. I do try not to laugh, but sometimes it’s very funny, particularly when a big beefy farrier is convinced that he’s more powerful than a ton of heavy horse. Jasper usually has his eyes half closed in mock boredom, whilst a red faced farrier has beads of sweat dripping from him, and is hanging onto a leg for dear life in an attempt to keep it still.