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The promised lunchtime dry weather materialised at half five, at which point I starting painting for the first time today. I managed to get first coats on all six chairs by dusk, with a little help from hubby:

Dining chair with first coat of Farrow & Ball ‘Dove Tale’

We did quite well, with just the one domestic before calling it a day:-) “Can you see any drips?” he asked at one point. How well I did not to answer:-)

In lieu of painting this morning, I got bits and bobs sorted for the remainder of the refurb. I’m contemplating a new finish (new to me that is) of tung oil on the oak dining table top. I do prefer to keep wood as natural as possible and don’t enjoy plonking varnish on a freshly sanded piece of oak, so oils and waxes are my preferred choice if possible. I like to see the natural grain coming through and varnishes always seem a bit of a cop out when it comes to finishing. I watched someone finishing a piece of mahogany with tung oil on YouTube last night. It looked quite hard work on the modest plank of wood, so I’m expecting aching arms by the time I’ve rubbed in four coats on the table top, which I seem to recall being 7ft long! Oh well, I’m sure it’s good for the bingo arms.