…Hip, hip, hip hooray.

Just in case you think I’ve lost the plot, it’s a song:-)

Finally a dry day, so plenty of painting. The six dining chairs have been second coated and the dining table has been sanded a bit more. Whilst I was painting the six chairs, hubby decided he wanted an easy life. The said easy life involved lifting a 7ft lump of oak onto scaffolding planks, just so that he didn’t have to bend whilst applying the two coats of primer. So, I was asked to assist in the lifting of the 7ft lump of solid oak. What a treat that was; there’s no wonder I have perpetual back ache! Here’s the table after the lifting and having just been brushed down:

Webber oak dining table

And here it is just before I had to lift it back down again:

Second coat of primer going on

There’s no way that I’m lifting that table onto those planks tomorrow. It’s easier to put the table on paint blocks and sit on a low seat whilst painting.

I have also primed a couple of bedside tables, which will be painted tomorrow. Now I’m tired and grumpy:-) Men!