You know me. Soft, neutral colours are my bread and butter. But today I decided to try Autentico Vintage ‘Nearly Black’. The refurb is an antique bureau:

As you can see, it’s very much my kind of bureau. I love the bulbous turned legs that were popular during the Edwardian period.

So, I took a harmless little bureau and sanded it thoroughly:

Bureau sulked. The previously working lock and key worked no more and it was locked shut. Quite why sanding results in a jammed lock I don’t know, but it did. So I sanded it some more (treat em mean and keep em keen):

Then I washed it and left it for a couple of hours on the naughty step (well, naughty painting blocks). Then the lock worked (there’s nothing like a bit of good old discipline to make a bureau see sense). Then I gave it a coat of Nearly Black:

Ooh er, I wasn’t too sure, but gave it another coat and things started to look better:

It looks a bit foreboding at the minute, but I plan on softening it with some distressing (hence no primer). I’m also going to do something with the handles, but I’m not sure what yet. I’ll have a better idea once the refurb is a bit further on. The inside is a complete contrast to the outside, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see that because I had to rush off on an errand for my husband.

Goodness knows how much water and coffee I drank today. All that sanding in the midday sun. No I’m not complaining; beats rain any day. Hubby arrived back and I said that I was hot and sweaty. “Yes you are” he said, “and it’s not at all attractive”. He has a way with words does my hubby:-)