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I carried on working on the bureau this morning. Firstly I distressed the paintwork:


Yes, I know, but trust me – have I ever let you down before?

I paid particular attention to the shaped plinth and turned legs; this is where I wanted most of the texture and contrast:

Scalloped edge with distressed paintwork

Next came the second coat to the inside:

Second coat on the inside

I wanted something very soft on the inside, to balance out the Nearly Black shell. I used Autentico Vintage ‘Pink’. I then waxed the outside:

Waxed bureau

The photographs show how the waxing made the distressed wood take on a richer, warmer hue.

I then added some silvering to the handles. I had my little tube of EXPENSIVE silvering liquid in my hand and stepped backwards whilst staring lovingly at the bureau in the doorway. At this point, I went base over appex out the door and the shock made me squeeze the tube of EXPENSIVE silvering liquid. The wax liquid shot skywards, before gravity took a hold, sending it downwards and onto the top of my head. I don’t think anyone saw what happened, so let this be our little secret:

Handles back on

I then added some little Frenchy postal images to the inside:

Nearly there with the Nearly Black Bureau

I stepped back (carefully) and stared at the bureau (but not lovingly this time); I think the accident was bureau’s revenge for yesterday’s episode:-)

I’ve got to sort out an embellishment for the key and varnish the inside later. And that should be about it. I’ll take some ‘proper’ pictures once I’ve done the finishing touches.

This afternoon is Tung Oil time. Pics to follow…

Here’s the dining table with the first coat of diluted Tung Oil going on nicely:

Oak dining table top

And here it is, just after the third coat, which I put on neat:

Oak table after 3 coats of Tung Oil

You can see how the Tung Oil has added some nice warm hues to the oak. Had I not have know that I was using Tung Oil, I’d have said that I was using Linseed; the 2 oils are very similar to work with.

The fourth coat will be applied tomorrow with some ultra fine sand paper, to get a smooth finish with a little bit of sheen. And then I really will have to tackle those seat pads.


Here’s the bureau:

Bureau painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Nearly Black’

It’s nice to ring the changes now and then with a different kind of style:

Distressed paintwork adds contrast

Some softness to the inside contrasts nicely with the boldness of the outside:

The inside, painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Pink’

I should have the seat pads to the dining set finished this weekend. If they turn out as nice as I hope, the set should look really good. Pics to follow…