I’m getting there with the dining set, but let’s just say that I won’t be swapping my paintbrush for a needle and thread any time soon. I’m a very sloooow seamstress!

You might remember these:

Webber oak carver

They were painted last week and I’ve been working on the table that goes with them this week.

Yesterday I cut out the Romo linen fabric and today I’ve tacked the top edges of the seat covers and have been putting images onto the fabric. There are six chairs and I’ve got three designs, so there will be two of each design:

3 French Images

Next I shall have to machine sew the seat covers, and I just know that I’ll be all fingers and thumbs. I plan on having a practice run on some scraps of fabrics first! If I don’t mention the dining set in the next few days, don’t ask:-)

This weekend, I may start work on the huge dresser that I bought at the same time as the dining set, but my first priority is to get those seat covers finished. I may be some time…