I’ve got chairs to paint this coming week. It’s not too tedious because they’re going to be in different colours. One or two of them will be in Autentico Vintage ‘Nautique’, which is a rich teal shade. I’ve been wanting to try this particular shade for a few weeks; I’m a sucker for blue/greens. I dropped some fabric off with my dad earlier, who will be doing the chair seats upholstery for me. One of the fabrics is a bold Designers Guild pattern and I could see from my dad’s face that he didn’t like it:-) I don’t suppose large pink roses are a man thing.

I might also get around to painting a coffee table or two, which were purchased a few months back as ‘fillers in’. Although I’ve a large dresser that needs to be refurbished (not least because it’s still in my hallway!), the weather doesn’t look too settled for a few days and there’s several hours worth of ‘dirty work’ (sanding and prep) that needs to be done outside.

And then I really need to do some buying. My plan is to get through most of the small items that are waiting in the wings, so that I can have a good tidy up and make room for some fresh stock.

I had a dismal failure when working on a pine table today. The table top has had paint slapped on it over the years and my efforts with sandpaper didn’t do much good, so I resorted to using an eco-friendly paint stripper. I’ve used the product before and it’s messy and tricky to apply/remove, so I only use it as a last resort. That didn’t do the trick either, not even after 2 applications. I had a scratch around with a razor blade to remove some of the paint, but the wood underneath isn’t up to much anyway, so it’s going to be replaced with some new or reclaimed timber.

Monday morning

First up was a repair to one of the chairs, which has a slight wobble. I’ve used wood glue, which I prodded and poked into the seam, before clamping it:

The casualty department

Wood glue is extremely strong, so it should do the trick. I’ll invite hubby to sit on it later; that should tell me whether my repair has succeeded:-)