I’ve just finished working on my auction list for tomorrow’s sale. There are 19 items that are of interest, but I don’t expect to buy more than a fraction of that amount. There are usually between 20 and 30 items on my list, but nice stuff was a bit thinner on the ground this week.

I was going through my usual scrutinising of the furniture and heard *tut* from my dad, who didn’t appreciate my bum being stuck in the air, whilst I checked out the legs and feet on a piece of furniture. I embarrassed him further when I went to pull open the drawer of a console table and the drawer front came away in my hand. Oops . I crossed that one off the list of possibilities!

There are a couple of nice bureaux on my list, along with 3 dressing tables and a lovely barley twist table. A few chests of drawers also took my fancy, but I think they will go for too much money. A very attractive walnut dining table and chairs caught my eye, but on closer inspection it transpired that the chairs had no seat pad inserts/frames. I decided to cross it off my list because there’s just too much work involved in making seat frames for the chairs. Totting up the hours I would need to carry out the rest of the refurb, as well as the chair inserts, it became apparent that there would be no profit in the dining set. As much as I enjoy my work, I do have to earn a crust!

A large antique pot dresser is also on my list. I think it will attract a lot of interest, so don’t expect to be bringing it home. It’s perhaps just as well because it does need a lot of work and I’ve already got a large dresser in the wings waiting for some tlc. I crossed the pot dresser off my list once, then went back to have another look and reinstated it. I shouldn’t have, but sometimes a item or two get under my skin and my business brain flies out the window. Hopefully it will go for more money than I can afford, as I fear a labour of love might otherwise be on the cards.

The auctioneer at this particular sale always makes me laugh. Last time he made me laugh so much that I lost the plot and had to stop the auction and ask him which item I was bidding on!

I’ll let you know what I’ve bought tomorrow…