I came away from the auction house a little early. By 11am I’d already spent more than I’d budgeted for, so made a hasty retreat before my bidding arm got the better of me again.

I bought 6 items, which will keep me busy for a while. There are 2 dressing tables, a chest of drawers, a bureau and I think I’ve bought a claw foot dining table. My description read as a walnut, claw foot dining table, but the auctioneer described the lot as a yew table with chairs? I’ll find out on Monday whether I got my numbers mixed up! I usually get my items home straight after the auction, but I had to hot foot it back home today, to meet a customer who was collecting the little black bureau, which sold a few days back.

The sixth item I bought is a very cute, hand carved, oak spinning chair. I bought one a while back and a friend of mine fell in love with it, but I had to earn a living and couldn’t afford to give it to her, and she couldn’t afford to buy it. The little chair sat in the corner of my lounge until it sold and my friend would admire it when she came to visit. I promised that if I came across something similar, I’d buy it for her, and true to my word, I’ve done just that. I think it was meant to be; the spinning chair has a heart cut out on the back of it and I think my friend will love it. It’s taken me 15 months to find that chair, but I got there in the end. It will make a really nice item to post about, so I’ll make sure that it’s photographed throughout its refurb.

I didn’t wait for the pot dresser to go through the auction. I took another look at it today with my husband (who I thought would hate it, but he really liked it). That put me in a dilemma, but I walked away reluctantly. It’s a big item and I just can’t afford to spend hours and hours putting it right before even contemplating what colour to paint it. If it’s still there on Monday when I go to collect my lots, I might well end up bringing it home with me.

We have heavy thunder storms, so I’m working in the kitchen today, making up some very pretty handles. I’ve sold a lot of them over the past week and have some new designs to work on today. My husband came out with the classy comment “Trust you to make your money out of fiddling with knobs”. There was no answer to that one really!