We went to pick up the goodies from the auction house today. I had a quick scan for the pot dresser, but thankfully it was gone. Had it still been there, I would have no doubt have made a cheeky offer on it.

How about this little cutie then:

Spinning chair

It’s the spinning chair that I bought for my friend. Here’s a close up of the carved detail:

Carved detail to spinning chair

Friend surprised me with her colour choice. I’d expected something bright, but she has chosen Annie Sloan ‘French Linen’.

I love this satinwood dressing table:

Dressing table

I’ve not come across one with those port hole mirrors before. In fact, it has 5 mirrors in total; I’m sure I’ll find one in which my bum doesn’t look big:

One of the 5 mirrors

Thankfully the ‘walnut’ table that I thought I’d bought, is in fact the right lot, it’s just not walnut:

Yew dining table

The Yew top needs a bit of work on some light scratches and the base will be painted. The brass claw feet will look nice against some paintwork:

Brass tipped claw feet

The table came with 2 chairs, which I hadn’t noticed. They aren’t my usual kind of thing, but hubby liked them. I’m not sure that they’re a good match for the table, but they were an added bonus and are sturdy and in good order, so I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth too much:

Frumpy upholstery


But that upholstery is very dated!

This very nice oak bureau will be one of the first refurbs on my list:

Oak bureau

The style is very ‘me’ and I feel right at home refurbishing this style of furniture.

We stacked away the chest of drawers and the other dressing table, but I’m sure they will make an appearance somewhere along the line.

I’m not sure which of the items will be refurbished first, but one of them will be making its way onto the blog shortly.