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I’ve been working on the satinwood dressing table for much of today. The painting was finished by lunchtime (or so I thought) (it’s Annie Sloan ‘Country Grey’ & ‘Old White’ btw)

Followed by a clean up and drying time:

Followed by smearing a tea bag on some images (what do you mean ‘that’s weird’?):

Followed by sticking the images in place:

Followed by an inspection by His Lordship himself, the CEO of the company, The Barrister’s Horse no less:

Followed by self admiration at his own reflection in the dressing table mirror:

Followed by a good old snort of approval at such handsomeness, with a mouth full of grass. Followed by me re-painting the drawers that were covered in part chewed grass!

Followed by some tweaks to the images:

Followed by shutting up shop quickly before His Lordship added more shabbying to the chic. Followed by a snatch and grab of one of the handles I was working on outside:

Followed by a spat out, chewed handle.

Just another normal day at Barrister’s Horse Towers:-)