The past few weeks have been fairly quiet on the sales front. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky, so without a steady ‘woo hoo’ of sales, I’ve been slightly turned off work-wise. Not to the point where I haven’t wanted to paint, but just a bit ‘take it or leave it’ nonchalant, and ‘oh I’ll have another coffee first’.

But the new things I’ve been doing have rekindled my interest and zeal. Having varnished 96 handles (well ok ‘knobs’, but it sounds so smutty) first thing this morning, the thought of refurbishing a bureau was positively exciting, EVEN THE SANDING DOWN BIT! I didn’t even moan when it came to the washing down of the bureau to remove all the sanding down dust. I made very good progress this afternoon  (leaving off to do second coats of varnish to 96 handles) and should more or less get the bureau finished tomorrow (and more layers of varnish to 96 handles), with just the bells and whistles to do Monday (and yet more layers of varnish to 96 handles…). I was on a roll today, so didn’t grab any pics, but will do tomorrow.

Once the bureau is finished, I’m intending to have a few days sorting out some new designs for the fabric transfers. I’ve made a list of things to pick up from the art shop (‘talent’ being the first on the list, followed by a decent eraser). I’ve made do with copier paper so far, but think it’s time I go all arty farty and buy some proper art paper. Heck, I might as well go the whole hog and buy a beret and a smock, then waft mysteriously around Lincolnshire ‘seeking inspiration darling’ whilst quaffing copious amounts of red wine. I’ve also been putting together some ideas for drawings, and just hope that my drawing skills can match up to the images in my mind’s eye.


Here’s where I’m at with the bureau:

I’m just about to get it on the blocks and pick up where I left off yesterday. By this afternoon it should look a little more together…