The weather was good this morning. Breezy and warm, but not too hot – perfect for  furniture painting.

Here’s where I picked up from yesterday:

A blank canvas

A chalky black canvas that looks a little flat. Some distressing pulled out the Aztec style carved bits:

Distressed and ready to wax

The jury was out on the colour of the handles:

Not too sure about the colour of the lovely handles – maybe too dark?

I waxed, which gave the Autentico ‘Nearly Black’ chalk paint more depth and texture. Then I added a little silver to the handles to give them a bit more ‘oomph’.

It’s now raining but no worries, the next task is an inside job. I’ve got to iron a pretty transfer onto some fabric, to make a paper rest:

Iron on transfer at the ready

Annoyingly, I’m a few inches short of black ribbon to do the trim, so that’ll have to wait until I get a new piece. Never mind, the bureau is all but finished.

My house is a tip and I’ve the new (well, new to me that is) sewing machine to fathom out. It’s a Janome. I’m told it’s fairly fool proof (it will need to be:-)). But first I need chocolate…


Here we go:

And here we go again:

The fabric looks a little blotchy because it’s only just been glued. There’s just a little bit of ribbon needed to trim the edge of the fabric.

Now it’s time for a tidy up and a ‘getting to know you’ session with the sewing machine.

The new few posts will be covering my fabric transfers, as I work on them. I’m like a child with a new toy! A nice new shiny art pad, some new pencils and a LARGE eraser. Can I colour in without going over the edges EVER? They didn’t teach me that at law school – how negligent of them:-)